write two papers

write two papers

You can choose among the following journals (all of which are available through the library’s webpage): Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Write two different papers. About 3 pages for each essay. APA style with references.

Science Quarterly, Journal of International Business Studies, and Strategic Management Journal and write a review of an article published in that journal. You can choose among all of these journals for as long as they have existed, and pick the articles that interest you. Your review must answer the following six questions:

a. What was the major purpose or problem described in the article?

b. What were the hypotheses and research questions?

c. What type of sample was used in the study/studies reported in this article? (for example, who were the participants; where did the data come from)

d. What types of methods were used in the study/studies reported in this article? (for example, questionnaires, observations, interviews, experimental manipulations, etc.)

e. What were the results of the study/studies reported in this article? What were the conclusions of the authors?

f. What is your opinion or reaction to this article and the research reported in it? Why?

Credits earned for other courses in Psychology, Marketing, or other departments cannot be applied to the Management Department requirement. ONLY THE MANAGEMENT!