Week 6 discussion board responce 1

Week 6 discussion board responce 1

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*Please write a response of 200- 250 word count with one reference.and in text citation.

This week I was able to observe my 12 year old daughter, Autumn. She will be 13 in February. Her favorite pastime time is to watch You Tube videos on a variety of subjects from crafts and bedroom decoration to Anime Videos. She likes to be by herself or talking with her friends on the school homework page. The 15 minutes I am observing are during the evening after dinner right before bed.


Physically Autumn is well developed for her age. She is over 5 foot tall and weighs around 120 pounds. She has already began puberty and has hormonal changes with acne and mood swings. She has begun to sneak and stay up later at night and tries to sleep in later in the morning. According to Berk, this is due to the brains regulation to the timing of sleep and children in adolescents go to bed later yet still need the same amounts of sleep as they did as younger children. (Berk 2018, pg 374) Her favorite physical activity is dancing and she choreographs her own dances however, she is not active in any school sports.


Autumn has a small group of friends and like to talk to them on the homework chat page that her school has. She has reached the point that her friends opinion is the most important opinion. Teenagers desire for close intimate friendships are why they feel that friends are the most important source of social support. (Brown & Larson, 2009) She seems to talk about other things more than she does homework on the help page.


Autumn changes from happy to defiant when it is time to take a shower and go to bed. Her first reaction is to ask “why do i have to go to school” then she rolls her eyes and stomps off to the shower after putting her tablet away. The entire way to the bathroom she is mumbling about why she has to go to bed so early. Being able to decide when she showers and goes to bed is an example of trying to regulate her own activities and act more autonomously. (Berk 2018, pg 420)


She has become more self-focused and and self-conscious. She makes sure that her hair is brushed and puts on her face cream after her shower. She has better control over how she reacts when she is mad at me for bed time. However, she still wants to be tucked in bed and under her blankets before she goes to sleep proving that she is not quite as grown up as she like to portray.


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