Video games impact on people both good and bad and which one is bigger

Video games impact on people both good and bad and which one is bigger

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Adachi, Paul JC, and Teena Willoughby. “Do video games promote positive youth development?.” Journal of Adolescent Research 28, no. 2 (2013): 155-165.

This article mainly talks about that video game play may be related to positive outcomes such as flow, cooperation, problem solving, and reduced in-group bias. Unlike the other research which being mainly focus on the negative effects on video game, this article will focus both on negative and positive effects on video game, and it suggested important directions for the future resource.

The strength of this article is that it includes a really large number of professional details to support it’s argument, for example “ a nationally representative study of video game play among adolescents in the United States showed that 97% of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years play computer, web, and portable or console video games (Lenhart et al., 2008). ………the average amount of time spent playing video games per week is 13.2 hours.” With these details it’s easier to persuade the audiences.

The disadvantage of this article is that although this article was written in 2014, some standards and resources are old, a lot of them is some resource before 2010.

It will be useful for my topic because it covers both negative and positive effects on playing video games, but at the same time, I should be carful on using the materials because some of them are out dated.

Welsh, Timothy J. Mixed Realism: Videogames and the Violence of Fiction. Vol. 50. U of Minnesota Press, 2016.

This book mainly talks about the relationship between the video games and the fiction violence, it clams that all the violent imagines in video games might give negative effects on people’s mind because some of them contains antisocial contents.

The advantage of this book is that It gives a lot of examples to prove it’s point, some of them even include the imagines from the video game.

The weakness of this book will be it’s too subjective, when I read though the whole book, I feels like I got brain washed, because every point is bad for video games in that book.

For my topic, there are some that I can use from this book, but this book is not a good book for writing a natural content.

Steinkuehler, Constance, and Kurt Squire. “Videogames and learning.” Cambridge handbook of the learning sciences (2014): 377-396.

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This book mainly talks about how video games ships people’s action, like by playing video games, there are new and different behaviors appears on people, and this books also includes some business success achieved by video games.

The advantage of this book is that this book brings us an new idea that video games can change people’s behaviors and by playing video game for a long period of time, these behaviors will be major. “Across these studies, several themes emerge. First, videogames are remarkably engaging for the audience who plays them. Few media have been charged with “addiction” to the extent that games have, and their interactivity and design principles are at the core of their appeal. Second, commercial games oftentimes already exemplify good pedagogy (Gee, 2010): Built into the beginning levels of all successful commercial games are principles for learning that enable players to successfully master not just the game system and interface but game goals and rules.”

There’s no clear weakness that I found in this article, but for me, most of the knowledge in this article is not suitable with my topic, there is only a small part of it can used by me, and the part about video games’ financial success is out dated.

I will take some points from the book which is new to me, which is the part about video game ships people’s action.

Video game in wikipedia

It covers almost everything about video games, form it’s history to present events, for the introduction of my paper, I can use this perfectly, but there is no specific argument in Wikipedia, so I will only use it in the intro part.

Boot, W. R., Blakely, D. P., & Simons, D. J. (2011). Do action video games improve perception and cognition?. Frontiers in psychology2, 226.

Study shows that

Video game: the modern two-sided blade




Video game and teenager:

Financial success:

Education and video game:

sWhat is the advantage What are the negative and positive effects of playing video games?

Will vg get addicted to people?

How did they get addicted?

What group of people is easy to get addicted to?

What kind of video game is easy to get addicted to?

What benefits can video games bring to us?

How could video games benefit people financially?

How could video games benefit people mentally?

Make an argument about video games. Overall, beneficial or disadvantageous? How could we avoid the disadvantages and gain the benefits?

When looking for sources – pay attention to what references other people are using