Two mra models one for a mediator model and one for a moderator model

Two mra models one for a mediator model and one for a moderator model

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Dr. Sally Spock and Dr. Betty Beeper are developmental psychologists that study aggressive behavior in adolescent boys between the ages of 12 and 16. They both believe that a modified version of the Frustration – Aggression Hypothesis (FAH) Dollard, Miller, Doob, Mower, and Sears (1939) should expanded to takes into consideration levels of Self-Control.That is, boys that possess higher levels of self-control would be less likely to become aggressive in comparison to boys that have low levels of Self-control, when they experience frustration.

But Spock and Beeper differ in their views regarding the role of self-control in the FAH.Dr. Spock proposed a mediator model for the FAH in which higher levels of frustration lead to lower levels of self-control, which in-turn leads to aggression.Specifically, the impact of frustration on aggression is mediated through self-control.Dr. Beeper has an alternative explanation, she believes that a moderator model best explains the relationship between frustration and aggression.That the impact of frustration on aggression is moderated or buffered by self-control.

To test their hypothesized models, Dr. Spock, and Beeper administration the Harrington Frustration scale (Harrington, 2005), and theSelf Control Scale (Tangney, Baumeister, and Boone, 2004) to a random sample of 100 male students attending Hillcrest High School in Queens (NY).In addition, for each student, the number of documented classroom aggressive behaviors occurring during the month of March, was provided by the high school’s Dean of Student’s Office

You are the quantitative psychologists for the study.Using the attached SPSS data file, test to see if the impact of Frustration on Aggression is mediated or moderated.

Using correct APA style, briefly summative the results for both the mediator model.Use my sample summaries as a model for your summaries.In a concluding statement explain which model (mediator or moderator) best explains the relationship between Frustration and aggression.If the Mediator Model is significant, then you must conduct Sobel’s test to determine if the indirect effect is significant.If the moderator model is correct, then you most conduct and interpret the findings for Simple Slopes Analysis.Use alpha = .05 for all analyses.

References (you may use my references in your paper).

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