The Clinical Issue And Research Questions Developed Using PICOT

The Clinical Issue And Research Questions Developed Using PICOT

Nursing homework help

* Begin by selecting a topic in nursing posted below that is of interest to you. Next, use PICOT to format a research question about that topic. Provide 1 PICOT research question. Find 1 quantitative or qualitative peer-reviewed research article related to your nursing topic that was published within the last 5 years. Reminder: All peer-reviewed research articles have methods, discussion, and results sections.

* Posted below is an example of a PICOT research question. Please use it to help with the question.

Include the following:

  • Title page
  • Provide a brief description of the topic and background information. You can use your peer-reviewed journal or the Evidence-Based Practice care sheets in CINAHL or Nursing Reference Center Database.
  • Explain the significance of the topic to nursing practice. Background information can be found in journal articles in the introduction section. Results and conclusions will speak to the significance of the topic. The EBP care sheets posted below may have sources for you to choose from.
  • Provide 1 clearly-stated PICOT question.
    Include 1 peer-reviewed journal source related to your topic.

* These are the nursing topics to choose from.

Falls, Accidental: Resulting in Injury

Medication Errors: Distractions and Interruptions

Alarm Fatigue and Patient Safety

Pressure Injury: Prevention

Handoff: Patient Safety

Hospital Readmissions

Nursing Staffing and Patient Safety: Shiftwork



ICU Acquired Delirium

Ventilator-associated pneumonia

Venous thromboembolism


  •  There will be a point deduction if a peer-reviewed research journal article within the last 5 years is not used and a point deduction if the article is not included with your submission.