Summary / Transcript Of A Relaxation Video For Nursing Class

Summary / Transcript Of A Relaxation Video For Nursing Class


There are several Mind-Body and Energy techniques.

  1. Your assignment is to find a YouTube video presenting a Mind-Body technique in a professional manner.

the video I want is this one ( IMPORTANT!!!!)

  1. Spend some time viewing different videos in order to provide your classmates a good learning experience.
  2. Provide a transcript like summary of the YouTube video addressing how the video correlates with the following course competences:
    1. How natural systems of the human body function (C1.1),
    2. The impact of humans on the environment (C1.2),
    3. The impact of ethnicity and culture (C1.3),
    4. Correlating illness prevention, health promotion, health restoration, patient education and empowerment as it relates to alternative and complementary healthcare (C2.1).

all questions must be answered in the word file, you must listen and watch the video and do a transcript like summary for example type that the air is very relaxing and is giving you a chance to get away from stress but you must answer all the questions. USE OTHER SOURCES AND THE VIDEO TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BUT YOU MUST CITE THEM!

  1. Your transcript/summary should use: ( 2 TO 3 PAGES LONG )
    • APA Style guidelines (spacing, margins, citations, reference page)
    • Standard English grammar and spelling.