Nursing homework help



Short Answer 1:

The following is a scenario you may experience as a teacher in a DCPS classroom. Please use the context below to answer all questions.

Imagine that it is mid-February and your class had several substitute teachers for the first half of the school year. Your class is made up of students who are performing at varying grade levels, including some who are performing above grade level. A percentage of your students who are performing below grade level receive special education services. Additionally, a few of your students, who are performing on grade level according to achievement test results, are actually failing your class and experiencing chronic truancy.

Answer the following questions based on the scenario described above:

  • As the teacher of record in this scenario, what is your responsibility to ensure the academic growth of students in this classroom?
  • What specific strategies will you implement to meet the academic goals of every student while also ensuring they each feel supported in your classroom community?


Short Answer 2:

Goal setting and using data to inform instruction are skills that all DCPS teachers utilize to support student achievement. Please describe your plan to incorporate these skills in your practice by answering the following questions:

  • What is a measurable academic goal that you will set for your students?
  • How will you track your students’ progress toward your goal throughout the year?

Provide a specific, measurable academic goal that you set (or will set) for your students. Provide rationale for why you choose that goal and why it is important in relation to your students’ success. You should include specific examples around how you tracked (or will track) students’ progress towards your goal.