Self evaluation paper 3 pages

Self evaluation paper 3 pages

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The course is about Multicultural Understanding

The course catalog: Introduction to diverse lifestyles related to a variety of cultural groups. The worth of each individual emphasized, and the importance of this view for developing the understanding required for intercultural relationships stressed.

Course Rationale: In the last thirty years, professionals in the fields of psychology, sociology, and

education increasingly have acknowledged the undeniable impact that race, ethnicity and culture play in our homes, schools, work environments, and communities. Furthermore, the Indiana Rules 2002 Licensure Standards for education have placed an emphasis on responding appropriately to the diverse community of learners. This initiative has created a greater awareness and a clearer understanding of the “Global Community” in which we live and work, but more importantly, it has highlighted the need to develop multicultural competencies that would allow individuals to work effectively in this community. This course is designed to assist students with the acquisition of these competencies.

Paper itsraction:

Write a 3-page self-evaluation paper, typed, and double-spaced in which you do the


a. Compare and contrast your worldview at the beginning of the course with your world view at the end of the course. What did you perceive to be your biases, prejudices, and limitations? What assumptions did you make about people who are different from you? From where did these assumptions come?

b. Discuss each one of the following course-related activities: IDI, interview, current event.and class discussions that helped you look at yourself and your interactions with culturally diverse individuals/groups in a new light.

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