Rigid LTC Content Submission

Rigid LTC Content Submission

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One. What is “culture change” within long term care according to NORC, 2014?  What are the (a) resident, (b) staff, and (c) additional benefits of culture change according to your textbook?

Two. Summarize the four “culture change movement programs” that have influenced long term care delivery. What are the key differentiating factors for each of the programs? Select any LTC population of interest to you and outline why ONE of the change programs seems best suited for that patient/resident pool from the perspective of an administrator running the facility.

Three. Outline and describe the five components of culture change in a long-term care organization. Would you classify these as an organizationally-based culture change, or a resident-driven culture change? Explain your position, and then outline how culture change for the opposite party would manifest itself under each of the five components. How would Griffith’s 5th characteristic of a culture of service excellence, Respect for Scientific Evidence, inform your management of both cultures change arenas?

Four. Speculate how the trend of a more relaxed work environment within long term care may serve as the bridge between culture change at the organizational level and culture change from the perspective of patients/residents. Do you see any concerns with this trend? Explain how the use of a vision or storytelling as a long-term care administrator/leader could manage your concerns.