Research a topic within a stage of adult development and a 4-5 pg report with research-based recommendations.

Research a topic within a stage of adult development and a 4-5 pg report with research-based recommendations.

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Writing a proper report is a job skill expected in many professions. Executive summaries are real-world deliverable designed to covey essential information at a glance.


For this assessment, think of an organization you are familiar with and imagine yourself as a psychology professional on the staff.


Your employer expanded services to a new group of clientele prior to reviewing the latest research. After an initial rocky start, your supervisor has asked you to research the new clientele and report on the research that can be shared with the team designing the services.

Make your document easy to read by using the following subheadings to organize content:

Executive Summary

Begin with a 1 pg executive summary that briefly summarizes the issue, research findings, and the recommendations. Refer to the Resources for links to examples of executive summaries and resources for templates.

  • Identify the type of organization, clientele, and stage of development.
  • Identify the area of concern for the target group: language development, cognitive development, psychosocial development, or moral development.
  • Explain the specific topic or issue researched.
  • In 2 or 3 sent, summarize the research findings.
  • In 2 or 3 sent, briefly summarize the implications for developing services for this target group.

Lifespan Development

  • Explain why is research on this topic important in the field of human lifespan development.

Theory and Research

  • What are the connections between the theory and the research?

Findings and Methods

  • What do the research findings mean in the articles you read?
  • What are some of the factors that influence research?
  • What research methods were used in the articles you read?

Implications for Service Development

  • How do the research findings influence professional behavior and values?
  • How can the research guide social thinking?


  • What are some research-based recommendations for serving the identified target group?

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and is consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.
  • APA : Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Resources: Minimum of three scholarly or professional resources. Please note that popular resources such as Wikipedia or are not appropriate.
  • Length: 4-5 typed, double spaced pg