PSY 2012 Discussion

PSY 2012 Discussion

This assignment encourages you to consider the various psychological perspectives and views that influence human behavior. For each of the following statements, indicate which psychological perspective(s) that you most likely agree with, and explain why. Follow the discussion board guidelines and respond to peers.

The Psychological Perspectives:

  • Behavior (B)
  • Cognitive (C)
  • Humanistic (H)
  • Psychoanalytical (P)
  • Social (S)

Note: Each statement is keyed to one of these perspectives, however, you may be able to make a strong argument for multiple perspectives.

The Statements:

  1.  The mind can be viewed as an information processing system.
  2. Behavior is motivated by forces that individuals may not understand or be aware of.
  3. One limitation of our understanding of behavior is that most research has been conducted on subjects from North America.
  4. Psychological science is the study of behavior that is observable and measurable.
  5. Behavior is motivated by self-actualization and the promise of human potential.

This assignment is adopted from the Society of Teaching Psychology.


Before you begin, remember to review the class Discussion Board Guidelines.

Your original post, in response to the discussion prompt above, should contain a minimum of 125 words, not including restatement of questions or reference sections. Utilize critical thinking, and support your work with additional resources as applicable.


Finally, any content that is paraphrased, summarized or quoted in your discussion post or response must be cited using APA format. For more information on APA format, review the OWL Guide: APA General Format

Chapter Objectives: Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic social and behavioral science concepts and principles used in the analysis of behavioral, social, and cultural issues (B2).

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