Proven innocent

Proven innocent

Nursing homework help

Select one person who has been exonerated (not from the West Memphis 3) and describe their case, and the role of the psychology of wrongful convictions in their story. (2000-2500 words total, no more than 1000 words describing their case facts.)

Make sure you evaluate the procedures used in the case as relates to best practices based on research. You can find the case wherever you want, though a good resource is the book “Actual Innocence” by Sheck et al. Make sure you cite any sources in-text AND in a reference section in APA style. The reference page does not apply to the word count.


Final Paper: 60 points

5 points: is it between 2000-2500 words, no more than 1000 describing the case(including main text only, not title, references, etc.)
10 points: demonstrating familiarity with an appropriate case
15 points: demonstrated understanding of the relevant areas of the psychology of wrongful convictions
10 points: applied appropriately the the psychology of wrongful convictions in their selected case
5 points: evaluated the procedures used in the case in light of best practices identified in research
6 points: included a reference section and references are in APA format
9 points: well written(general spelling/typos/grammar/general writing)