Proposal Paper

Proposal Paper

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Proposal Paper: Outline Instructions

You will write a 10-page proposal paper in current AMA format that focuses on the design of a primary health program to meet the maternal and child primary health care needs of a hypothetical village in an underdeveloped country in either sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, or Latin America (student’s choice). Infrastructure within the village is essentially non-existent. Both infant and maternal mortality are high. Diarrhea, malaria, childhood malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, and measles are fairly prevalent. For this exercise, assume the project will be managed by culturally proficient individuals capable of deploying a scientifically valid programming without worry of violating community mores and standards. In reality, programming to meet the health care needs of a community can be challenging and can often raise controversy even under the best of circumstances. The early chapters of the Lankester text delineate many of the issues which must be addressed by a successful program. The debate generated in the discussion boards must provide ample framework for student proposals. You will assess the country you have chosen using country data provided by the WHO (see The proposal will address the maternal and child health care needs of the village; determine the level of intervention; and target population, program design, and the program personnel and financing needs. The thrust of this project is direct services for maternal and child health care. This exercise will not be concerned with providing village infrastructure (water, sewerage, electric, building codes, etc.). The development of the final document for this assignment is divided into 3 stages.

An outline will be submitted as the second stage of the proposal. The outline will give structure to the final proposal. It will be created using a hierarchical bulleted format. It must provide only sufficient detail to give the instructor a sense of direction for the project. Lengthy explanations must be avoided before or within the outline. The instructor will be looking for short, one-line bullets arranged in a matrix as follows:


II. First topic — Roman numerals are broad ideas. The Roman numeral level in the outline will be sections in the paper

A. Sub-point

B. Next sub-point

1. Yet another subdivision

2. This outline level might give some details

a. This is not the numbering default from Microsoft Word

b. The number/letter arrangement is important

c. If you have one sub-point, include a second

3. Each detail must be brief

C. And a third sub-point if necessary

III. Second topic

IV. Third topic

A. Sub-point – typically a capital letter sub point will be a paragraph theme statement

B. This might be point-by-point list

C. The sections of a paper may have 3 or 4 paragraphs

1. The Arabic numeral level provides the details of the paragraph

2. You may need 3–5 details within a paragraph

3. Each detail must fit with the theme