Nursing homework help

What was your experience like in practicum this summer? What did you
enjoy most?

Seeing the various age range of patients and different diagnosis’s. I enjoyed learning more about various diagnosis such as bipolar, agoraphobia, etc.

2. Discuss some patient populations you were challenged by in practicum. What
kind of challenges did you experience? How will you develop your skills
with these populations?

Elderly, they have other co-morbidites which require you to monitor carefully when prescribing medications or some medications can’t be prescribed because they are older. Learn more about the medications approved for elderly patients.

3. Discuss your progression in practicum. What competencies did you develop?
What skills did you not have a chance to practice?

I feel comfortable with diagnostic interviewing. I learned how to make sure you are screening for mania when ruling out depression

4. What emotions are you experiencing during the mid-term? Was there anything that surprised so far?

I reached goal 1 and 3.

1.  1. Simple: I want a more in-depth understanding of medications and their mechanism of action.

SMART GOAL: By the end of the semester, I will have learned 5 new medications, their MOA, and major side effects.

2.  Simple goal: I want to be able to state the usual dose ranges for common medications in my specialty

SMART GOAL: By the end of the semester, I will state the correct dosage ranges for at least 5 different medications.

3.Simple goal: I will be able to write an Initial Soap Note.

SMART GOAL: By the end of the semester, I will be able to complete an initial SOAP note with pertinent information without preceptor.