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Mental Health

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Essay Topic

**Mental Health system that is not seen ** important in our children’s and adolescents


Choose a debate/topic that you have a great enough interest in to write 10+ pages about. (You only need eight) The more controversial the debate, the easier you will find it to be to locate information on it. Your stance should be  very clear, do not try to ride the fence for this assignment. Take a stance and argue why that side is the best option, while also addressing the counterargument. You will use ethos, pathos, and logos, along with peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your stance.

The argument you choose cannot have a wrong or right answer. It must be grounded in perspective. For example, you can’t argue about if climate change is real because ultimately there is a wrong or right answer to that; one side is right and the other is wrong. You can’t argue if aliens are real because they either are or they are not. You have to choose something that is based on opinion.

What should be included in your essay

Background on the topic:

The essay should include a specific background on the subject that sets up your main argument. That means having a clear history if relevant. Set up why people disagree on the subject.

Main debate and argument

The subject should have no clear wrong or right. Throughout your essay, you should have a clear argument that you’re trying to convince the opposition of. That means if you were arguing that dogs are the best pets you can have, you’re trying to convince cat lovers that dogs are better.

Evidence and support

Your argument must be supported with specific examples and research. You have to include peer-reviewed and academic sources to support your argument. You can use other research as well, but the majority of your argument must be supported through strong research.

Counter argument

In your essay, you will have to address the counterargument. That means showing the other side’s argument. You want to present it fairly and from their perspective.


The rebuttal is your response to the counterargument. After showing the counterargument, you want to respond to and prove why you’re right and their not. You can challenge them directly to show why they are wrong, and if need be you can concede that they are right, but that your points still outweigh theirs.




· Must be at least eight pages in length. That’s eight to the bottom. Go on the ninth page.

· Must adhere to all MLA requirements: 12pt, Times New Roman font, double spaced, no extra space between paragraphs, name and page number in the top right corner, proper citations.

· Works Cited page: Properly formatted as well.

· Must use at least eight outside sources, five of which must be peer-reviewed from the database or books. The other three can be credible sources found through Google. Credible means NO blogs, wiki, or overtly biased sources (unless it is to show how bias affects the opposition’s argument)

· Needs to have a counterargument followed by a rebuttal of that.

· A clear and definitive thesis that directs the paper and establishes which side of the debate you are on. It can be more than one sentence, but it must be clear.

· Must give clear background of the topic

· Must have at least four clear claims that support the stance of the paper (more are encouraged in order to meet length)

Grading criteria: 250

· +25 A Clear thesis

· Your thesis establishes your main point and argument.

· +95 Strength of claims to support the thesis

· Your body paragraphs should be comprised of your support for the thesis.

· How well your arguments are developed and supported with evidence.

· Are your arguments logical?

· +25 Strength of counterargument

· The counterargument is well supported with evidence and fully developed

· +25 Strength of rebuttal to counterargument

· Your response to the counterargument is strong, logical, and supported.

· +25 Organization

· The use of topic sentences and transition sentences

· The ordering of your essay

· +25 Research used

· The strength of the research used in your essay.

· How well you incorporate your research into your essay.

· +15 MLA

· Formatting

· Citations

· +15 Grammar

· Punctuation, spelling, syntax