Lin4710 extra credit writing assignment

Lin4710 extra credit writing assignment

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Please choose only one option:


There are two different ways to go about writing this paper. The first involved picking 2 papers from scientific journals and writing a summary about both and then integrating them. So, for example, you would go to the library and find an article related to language development and write a summary (2 pages) about the paper. This will, assuming the summary is good, earn you 1% point towards your final grade. If you do a second paper (2 pages) this will earn you an additional point towards your final grade. To get the third percentage point, you need to integrate the 2 papers and be critical (positively or negatively) about them (2 pages). You cannot do a third paper reviewing a third paper for this third percentage point – you must write the third paper where you critique each of the first two articles you reviewed. If you do this first option, this should yield a 6-page paper. You must have a 7th page in which you provide your references in APA-style.


The second way to get the three points is to pick a topic (say the role of culture on children’s language development) and write a brief paper on that topic. It must contain 3 original references (the textbook is not considered a primary source; websites are not sources; must be from a scientific journal) and be 6 pages in length. You must have a 7th page in which you provide your references in APA-style. Be critical. The paper will be evaluated and assigned a grade of up to 3% points.

The journals that you will find article pertaining to Language Development are (but not limited to):

  • Journal of Child Language
  • Language Learning and Development
  • Language Development
  • Bilingualism
  • Child Development
  • Developmental Psychology

Please feel free to use whatever scientific journals you like as long as they are related to Language Development.

The extra credit writing assignment must be typed using 12-point, double-spaced Times New Roman font (1-inch margins) and must be uploaded to Canvas by the designated due date. Your writing assignment will be submitted to Turnitin software to ensure that the work you submit is your own work. This means you must be sure to use your own words, unless quoting another’s work. Turnitin will return a similarity score for your submitted work – checking your work against published papers and previously submitted student papers. No late extra credit papers will not be accepted. Please refer to course schedule for due date of this extra credit paper.