Leadership, Collaboration and the DNP

Leadership, Collaboration and the DNP

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Mary is the Director of nursing for a state-funded healthcare organization in your hometown. The Governor of the state has just announced that there is a state of emergency related to a new viral strain. Budget cuts will be implemented in your area to allow for funding of this emergency. Using scholarly inquiry with regard to legal (state board of nursing, regional and national accreditation bodies, Joint Commission, etc.) and ethical standards, answer the following.


1. As a doctoral prepared nurse, what are three key issues that Mary will have to address to immediately respond to these budget cuts? Provide your rationale. (SLO 3.1, CO 1,  3)

2. Identify three key stakeholders that may be a support to Mary in addressing the budget cut issues. Provide rationale for your decision. (SLO 3.1, CO 1, 3)

3. Examine legal and ethical issues surrounding Mary’s predicament. Consider issues surrounding accreditation bodies, joint commission standards, national and local staffing regulations, state board requirements, and current or projected population health care needs. Consider outcome metrics relative to the situation and develop a business plan to formulate a solution to the issue (SLO 3.1, CO 1, 3)