Interview work to be done

Interview work to be done

In preparation for your final project you will now conduct an interview with a professional in the field of psychology. One of the best ways to understand a career path and the education needed to get there is to talk to someone who has already achieved their career goals. Before conducting your interview write a minimum of 10 interview questions that cover both education and work related issues. This will be a great opportunity to look beyond the literature you have been reading the past two weeks. Once you have developed your interview questions, conduct your interview. The interview may be done in person, by phone, or through email.

Start with a paragraph describing how you set up and conducted the interview and a brief bio introducing the person you interviewed. Then include your interview questions and interviewee responses. Finally, end your assignment with 1-2 paragraphs discussing the insight you gained from the interview. Also, in your conclusion, discuss anything that you learned from the interview that you found surprising.

Submit your paper by the end of week 3 by clicking on the “Week 3 Professional Interview Assignment” link above. Your paper should be written in APA format.

You can find an APA formatting video in Getting Started/Course Resources.

Please submit your assignment as an attachment in Word document format (.doc or .docx).

Professional Interview Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Submitted interview responses. 60
Included conclusion paragraph that shared insights gained through interview as well as any information that was surprising. 20
Grammar, spelling, and correct APA format 20
Total: 100