Integrative literature review 14

Integrative literature review 14

Nursing homework help

should be minimum 20 pages double spaced

it’s a long paper but not very difficult

be careful with plagiarism!

I need a tutor to write a twenty page Integrative Literature Review. The topic for the review is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The paper requires four domains which I will provide to the chosen tutor. The review has to have an Introduction, Discussion, Analysis, Critique, Synthesis and Conclusion. Under each heading, there are questions that has to be answered which is included in the instructions below, so please read carefully.

I’m about to send you the four domains plus the first Integrative Literature Review paper. I believe you can use the same references, or just a few. I know it’s in the instructions.

The four domains are: Social Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Cognitive, and Learning and Conditioning.