Integration Of Assistive Technology

Integration Of Assistive Technology

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Provide a definition of Assistive Technology (integrate visuals, models as needed)

 Discuss the effects of heritable diseases, genetic conditions, disability, trauma, and injury  to the physical and mental health and occupational performance of the individual,  throughout the lifespan. Revised 07/14/2020 JM

 Discuss integration of Assistive Technology to facilitate Home Management, Community  Integration, Special Education and Workplace participation.

 Discuss role of the OT Practitioner to educate and consult with the client/consumer to  facilitate Home Management, Community Integration, Special Education and Workplace  participation and the OT/OTA relationship in collaborating a treatment/intervention plan.

 Discuss the need to recognize and communicate the need to refer to specialists (both  internal and external to the profession) for consultation and intervention.

 Through role-play, demonstrate skills of collaboration with occupational therapists and  other professionals on therapeutic interventions

 Demonstrate communication in a Q &A session from Supervising OT, members of the  Interdisciplinary Team and Peer reviewers).

 Provide research data on established Guidelines, Standards, and Regulations as related to  legal, ethical decision making and moral requirements