Healthcare Excel Doc

Healthcare Excel Doc

Nursing homework help

In MS Excel, complete the exercises in part 1 and part 2

Part 1

1. A community hospital in Pennsylvania has a 15% supply expense ratio. If total operating expenses are $1 million this month, what is the total annual cost of supplies?

2. A hospital buys certain supplies for $50 each. The average markup is 100%. Additional selling costs are 25% of the total cost. What is the net realizable value?

3. Assume this same product has a current replacement cost of $40. What is the lower of cost or market?

Part 2

1. Assume the following time series data:

January 100

February 200

March 300

April 400

Is there a trend you can observe in the data? What is it called?

2. If a product has utilization of 50 in Period 0 and a slope of 10 each subsequent period, what is the expected forecasted value in Period 2?