fundamental of nursing 5

fundamental of nursing 5

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Module 09 Written Assignment – Pain Assessment

Identify a family member or a friend, not a client, and conduct a pain assessment using the COLDER approach/questions. Write a brief summary of what you found and identify two nursing non-pharmacological interventions that you might recommend.

The nurse first must do a thorough assessment. This includes a detailed history, physical examination, and past medical history.

The pain assessment should include subjective information using the acronym of:


Character- Sharp, dull, achy, burning,

Onset- When did it start?

Location- Where is it?

Duration- How long does it last?

Exacerbation- What makes it worse?

Relief- What makes it better?

Radiation- Does it and where does it move?

Why should the nurse be concerned? A person in pain does not move as they should. Guarding against pain effects circulation and healing as well as gas exchange and gastrointestinal motility. We have discussed the importance of mobility to maintain homeostasis. This can complicate recovery because the client may not have an adequate gas exchange or circulation to heal or remove toxins.