Flu Paper

Flu Paper

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Avian Influenza H7N9 Project Instructions

This is a 4-part project. Review the Background Information document, which contains descriptions of the origins of a novel avian influenza threat that began in the winter of 2013, and the fictional scenario based in Zambia suggesting a potential for development of a more serious epidemic situation.

This project will be completed in 4 parts:

Part 1: The Situation Assessment

You will write a 5-page research-based paper in current AMA format focusing on the potential of avian influenza A (H7N9) to expand into a local epidemic or spread beyond to pandemic proportions. The paper must include at least 5 peer-reviewed references in addition to the readings supplied in the scenario, the course textbooks, and the Bible. A biblical perspective on the response must be considered and referenced appropriately.

Part 1 of the project is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 2.

Part 2: Vaccine Development Progress Report

You will write a 5-page research-based paper in current AMA format that focuses on the progress in the development of avian influenza A (H7N9) vaccine. The paper must include at least 5 references. All references must be peer-reviewed, scientific papers published since August 2013; however, peer-reviewed, scientific papers on related influenza vaccines from an earlier date may be used if a definitive correlation to the scenario presentation can be drawn. The purpose of this portion of the project will be to analyze the vaccine situation and determine a likely timeline for development and distribution of a vaccine should a crisis situation arise.

Part 2 of the project is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.

Part 3: Designing a Mass Vaccination Campaign

You will assume a pandemic of avian influenza is imminent if the outbreak cannot be confined to the geographic area identified in the fictional scenario. You must design a culturally appropriate campaign and write a 5-page paper in current AMA format describing the vaccination campaign using a newly available vaccine believed to have a 90% efficacy. All aspects of the campaign from vaccine acquisition, shipment, storage, distribution, and documentation must be addressed. Diagrammatic models may be appropriate to fully communicate the plan. The paper must be cited, but references are restricted to World Health Organization, UNICEF, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Medical Journal of Zambia, and Zambian governmental documents related to vaccination strategies.

Part 3 of the project is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.


Part 4: Implementation

In this final installment of the Avian Influenza (H7N9) Project, you will edit previous installments of the project (Parts 1–3) based on instructor feedback and combine them to produce a single document. This document will also include 1 additional section devoted to implementation barriers. In this section, you will address the barriers to a vaccination program in Zambia. These barriers include, but are not limited to, financial, geopolitical, ideological, and logistical considerations. Potential immunologic issues related to the vaccine usage in a mass campaign must also be addressed. As always, current AMA format will be used and proper citation is essential. The instructor will be looking for a 20-page paper, as this document will contain new information in addition to materials unified from the documents created in the previous related assignments.