Essay On Current Health Topic ( COVID For Example)

Essay On Current Health Topic ( COVID For Example)

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Current Event Assignments

Throughout the course of the semester, each student is expected to submit 2 Current Event Assignments.  The due dates for each current event assignment are listed in your syllabus, in the assignments page on canvas, and on the modules.  For each Current Event Assignment, you should find a current event that relates to the course material.  This current event can be a news article (such as from the New York Times, Tampa Bay Times, or Huffington Post), popular media article (such as from Buzzfeed or Jezebel), advertisement, or a publicly available video, and must be CURRENT (i.e. published in 2019 or later).  Current events are NOT informational articles on government health websites (e.g. going to the World Health Organization website and finding an article on how to prevent Zika is NOT a current event; instead, that would be a reference you could use from a reputable government/agency website.  You would still need to find a current event from which to base your assignment on).

The written product will consist of:

· A brief summary of your current event (not more than approximately ½ page)

· A description of how the assigned material relates to the current event; In the description of how the assigned material relates to the current event you should include specific theories, definitions, and concepts.

· A brief conclusion. Each Current Event Assignment should be at least 2 pages, but no more than 3 pages long, excluding the cover sheet and references page. Please do not exceed the page limit. Use one-inch margins, 12-point font, and double space your text. For this assignment, do not use direct quotes from the current event. Upload your assignment through Canvas as a Word attachment. Assignments submitted in other formats will receive a 0.

Current Event Assignment #1

Current Event Assignment #1 should be based on a specific theory, definition or concept from any of the following lectures: Health and Behavior: The Big Picture, Health Issues and Behavior, and Introduction to Community.

For current event 1, such theories, definitions, or concepts could include (but are not limited to) relating a current event to the ecological model, social determinants of health, and community health. Even though the lectures include oral hygiene, obesity, youth violence, and other topics, you should not write your assignment on these topics (unless your current event also relates to one of academic concepts described in the lectures); these health concerns were merely used as examples within the lectures and do not represent a specific theory, definition, or concept from the lectures.

Please review the rubric below to see how we will assess each current event assignment.




· (The assignment includes a written summary of a human health-related current event in the form of a news article (e.g. broadcast television website article, magazine article, or newspaper- see other examples on assignment page) or news video. The summary does not exceed ½ page of the total paper. The summary should be in the students own words and not include direct quotes from the current event. ***NOTE: Includes direct quotes: -1 point; Summary exceeds ½ page: -1 point; Not a news article or video: -1 point )

· The assignment clearly articulates how the current event is related to the assigned material for the lesson weeks listed for the current event. The assignment includes theories, definitions, and academic concepts from the material covered in class. An explanation is provided about how these theories, definitions and academic concepts relate to the content of the current event. (8 pts— Excellent- Critical explanation of how a) current even relates to lesson week; b) includes theories and other terms; c) explains relationship between theories/terms and the current event)

· This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe paper ends with a short conclusion that summarizes how the current event relates to the material covered in the class.

· This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent of paper is at least 2 full pages with 1 inch margins and 12-point font, but no more than 3 pages (excluding cover page and reference list) ** Page 1. Cover page; Pages 2-4. Content of paper; Page 5. Reference list

· APA format in-text citations are used throughout the assignment. You MUST include in-text citations in APA format. This means that you need to cite all the references (listed on your reference page, including your current event) throughout your paper. Not citing references throughout your paper, and thus taking credit for them as your own, could be considered plagiarism. ***NOTE: Not in APA: -1 point

· This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThe assignment must include at least 3 references in APA format on reference page. Please review material from lesson week 1 on how to search for peer-reviewed articles. References include: 1. Current event (with link); 2. Credible reference – such as government websites (e.g. CDC) or peer reviewed journal article; 3. Credible reference – such as government websites (e.g. CDC) or peer reviewed journal article; 4. Optional-textbook or another credible reference ***NOTE: Not in APA: -1 point

· The entire paper is well organized and written (clear, concise, minimal use of passive voice, free of typos, spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors).