Discuss The Role Nurse Plays In COVID Vaccination Mandate, Telemedicine, And Prescription Drug Pricing As Advocates In The Healthcare System.

Discuss The Role Nurse Plays In COVID Vaccination Mandate, Telemedicine, And Prescription Drug Pricing As Advocates In The Healthcare System.

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Two of my classmates had a discussion on this topic : ” Discuss the role nurse plays in COVID vaccination mandate, telemedicine, and prescription drug pricing as advocates in the healthcare system. ”

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Discussion # 1 :

The covid-19 vaccines were developed at an unprecedented pace. This means that there were numerous cases of resistance and hesitancy where, most of which were fueled by the misconceptions that revolved around the disease. As a result, nurses helped in the promotion and acceptance of vaccines among different populations. This was mainly done through awareness and educational campaigns. Nurses were also involved in the direct administration of the vaccines. Working with nurses was easier, considering their daily interactions with patients (Barría, 2021). Nurses also participated in the development of vaccination programs. These programs were developed to ensure reaching out to all populations, including the elderly.

Telehealth and telemedicine are being considered viable alternatives to physical visits. The technology allows nurses to follow up on their patient’s well-being even when away from the hospital. Using telemedicine technologies such as virtual meetings, nurses collaborate with other team members, especially in sharing information to help address any issues faced by patients. Nurses are also involved in deciding which aspects of their practice should be incorporated into these technologies. Those in leadership positions also oversee the deployment of these technologies as well as their continued use.

Nurses have a hundred of patient experiences and interactions which they use to influence the healthcare sector. On the issue of drug pricing, nurses get involved in the patient’s payment process. This involves following up on how patients pay for their medications and the actions they take when they cannot afford the prescribed drugs (Wakefield, Williams, & Le Menestrel, 2021). This is because it is common for patients to scrimp on dosages when they cannot afford them. It is also the role of nurses to help patients compare the prices and effectiveness of different drugs and make the right decisions based on their financial abilities. It is through nurses that patients also air their grievances on increased drug prices.


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Discussion # 2 :

In order to increase public health and lower healthcare costs, nurses are essential to healthcare reform. Nurses serve as advocates in the COVID vaccination requirement environment by informing the public about the value and safety of vaccines (Stamps, 2021). They address vaccine reluctance, offer correct information, allay worries, and eventually boost vaccination rates. Nurses also deliver vaccines, which helps immunization programs be implemented successfully.

Nurses play a crucial role in increasing access to healthcare services in the field of telemedicine. They may assess and prioritize patients remotely, give online consultations, keep track of chronic problems, and provide health information (Stamps, 2021). By integrating telemedicine, nurses can facilitate prompt treatments, lower the number of unnecessary ER visits, and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare services as a whole.

Another area where nurses push for reform is the cost of prescription medications. They observe firsthand the financial hardship and negative health effects that individuals endure as a result of expensive prescription prices (Jones, 2021). Nurses can support initiatives for price transparency, advocate for cost-effective alternatives, and fight for policy changes (Jones, 2021). They are essential in medication management as well, ensuring that patients can follow their treatment plans despite financial difficulties.


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