Diagnosing criminal defendants journal

Diagnosing criminal defendants journal

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Prior to beginning this journal, read the article, “Are Forensic Experts Biased by the Side that Retained Them?,” (I attached this article in PDF format below) and examine the subjective nature of forensic psychology concerning the evaluation of criminal defendants.

In a one page journal entry:

  • Evaluate the influences that can contribute to differential diagnoses depending upon which side hires the psychologist to evaluate a criminal defendant.
    • Determine how to minimize cognitive bias.

As you reflect on the article for your journal, analyze the ethical considerations of

  • Diagnosing a defendant.
  • Diagnosing the legal implications of a negative diagnosis.

Based on your assigned readings, including this article, do you believe that such assessments as the PCL-R Checklist can provide accurate predictions of an individual’s behavior? Cite examples from your readings that support your analysis.

Reference for the article below:

Murrie, D. C., Boccacini, M. T., Guarnera, L. A., & Rufino, K. A. (2013). Are forensic experts biased by the side that retained them? Psychological Science, 24(10), 1889-1897. https://doi.org/10.1177/0956797613481812

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