Derek l healthcare entire paper

Derek l healthcare entire paper

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2-Research Paper- due on November 28th  2014
Each student will be required to submit a research paper on a pre-approved topic related to the course topics. Each student will identify a current issue in healthcare policy for this assignment. The issue can be based on public or private sector policies (i.e., healthcare reform, Medicaid, Medicare prescription drug program). The issue can be taken from published articles, case studies, or an issue from the workplace. The purpose of the paper is to provide a clear and concise description of the issue(s) under consideration, the implications of the issue(s), and recommendations. The student will write a 8 to 12 page paper, double-spaced typed, 12 pt. font in MS-Word format and APA 6th edition format (add a title page without an abstract and add a page for references). Also use APA format for paragraph references and reference page, see the Writing Center website at for handouts on documentation formats & examples of APA format. Students should use at least 5 scholarly published references for the paper.
The paper should address the following items:

• Describe the current issue, program or policy, brief background on the program or policy, and
its purpose.

• Describe the problem with the policy
or issue and the stakeholders involved in the issue (i.e., consumers, employers, providers) and why the problem is of interest to the public.

• Describe the roles of the federal, state, and local governments for this policy or program and
any oversight by these agencies, and describe how the Affordable Care Act can affect this topic.
• Describe any controversies and problems with the current policy or program, including
challenges in operation, problems with funding, economic, ethical, legal, or political issues, and issues with implementation and evaluation.

• Describe how the current issue, program or policy has impacted costs, access to care, utilization
of services, delivery of services, and quality of care.

• Describe any major proposals or legisla
tion to reform the policy or program. Identify the changes proposed and the primary advocates of the changes. Discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations to the proposed changes and how these changes may affect stakeholders, operations, costs, access to care, and quality.

• Discuss how the program changes can be evaluated and what measures can be used for
evaluation of the program.

• Discuss your recommendations for improvement

Research Paper Due Date: A short description of your selected topic should be sent to the instructor via email by November 10, 2014.
Papers previously submitted in other courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement. The guidelines for the topic and paper will be posted in the Assignments Folder on Blackboard.
The completed research paper should be submitted electronically in the Assignments Folder Link for the Research Paper on Blackboard no later than November 28, 2014.
Note: Before sending your paper to the Assignments Link on Blackboard, the student should submit it to to make sure that the project is under 20% copied (the instructor will set up the accounts and send an email and announcement when the software is available).