Case Assignment

Case Assignment

Case Assignment

Case Assignment

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1. Case presentation’s Instruction

We chose CD Projekt Red as the research object. Please check the following sources carefully, and according to the recommendation’s requirements and template given, please follow the knowledge learned in the textbook (Chapter 2-9 in textbook), make three recommendations for the company’s problems. You only need to focus on the last part of the assignment is Recommendation and other’s parts don’t need.

What do I need:

1. Please follow the knowledge learned in the textbook (Chapter 2-9 in textbook), prepare a presentation draft for three recommendations. 700-800 words. Please check the following template as details.

2. 3-4 PPT slides for presentation.

2. Company’s background and resources





As mentioned, many or most of the employees at CD Projekt Red have reportedly been pouring countless hours of overtime into the project simply to get it out the door. For these developers to have worked themselves to the bone only for their game to then launch in this state has to be beyond heartbreaking.

The report in question goes on to say that many former employees of CD Projekt Red have pointed to the game’s deadlines as the primary issue. These development milestones were set by management at CD Projekt but were never realistic or able to be achieved, despite the amount of overtime and crunch that was being put in to try and hit them. In short, the studio and its developers just needed more time, but management clearly wasn’t willing to delay Cyberpunk 2077 for a fourth time.

3. Case presentation template. (Only the Recommendation parts is assigned to me)

Cover Slide

· Company Name

· Date

· Team Members with individual names and photos

Company Overview

· Company Vision and Mission

· High-level Financials – Revenue, EBIT, Stock price, etc

· Industry and Competitive Landscape, Trends, etc


· Identify the challenges the organization is facing


· What is the Problem? High-level arrogance, the decision of the management does not match the actual situation reflected by the subordinates, resulting in wrong assumptions

· What are the organizational challenges caused by that Problem?

· What is the potential business value in addressing that Problem?

Data-driven Insights

Based on your assessment of the Problem and its causes, the research/data you have found and your analysis of that data, what data-driven Insights have you identified?

Three Recommendations (My part here)!!!!!!!!!!

For each Recommendation:

· Describe the specific, measurable and financially-justified recommendation

· Describe the expected outcomes (using the Balanced Scorecard – Financial, Customer, Internal Process, and Learning & Growth) that you expect to achieve with your Recommendations

· Describe the milestones and metrics that will be used to measure progress

· Describe the specific actions (on a dated timeline) that the organization should take