Business Healthcare Questions

Business Healthcare Questions

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Chapter 5 Q’s 1-10

1. Is it necessary for organizational mission statements to include all the components discussed in this chapter? How do you decide what components to include?

2. Think of an organization that you know relatively well and attempt to construct a mission statement in light of the components of missions discussed in this chapter. What components did you choose to emphasize in the statement? Why? What component do you think really embodies the distinctiveness of the organization?

3. Where do organizational missions originate? How do you explain the evolution of organizational missions as an organization grows and matures? If mission statements are “relatively enduring,” how often should they be changed?

4. Indicate two ways in which an organizational vision is different from other types of directional strategies.

5. It has been said that vision is necessarily a responsibility of leaders. Why is it important for health care organizations to have “keepers of the vision?”

6. Who determines the values of the health care organization? What values do you think should be shared by all health care organizations? Why?

7. Why are values referred to as an organization ’s guiding principles? In what sense do values constitute a directional strategy for the organization?

8. How many strategic goals should a health care organization develop?

9. How can health care managers more effectively use directional strategies to stimulate higher levels of performance among all personnel?

10. Why is the board of directors an important group to include in the formulation of directional strategies? What is the board’s proper role in formulating these strategies?

Chapter 9 Q’s 1-5

1. What part does internal environmental analysis play in the development of value adding support strategies? What part does strategy formulation play?

2. How do the value-adding support strategies create the “context” for strategy implementation?

3. What is organizational culture? How does it implement strategy?

4. What are the basic building blocks of structure? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

5. In what circumstances might a high level of standardization be required? A high level of flexibility?