6 paragraph essay on panic attack

6 paragraph essay on panic attack

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Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach by Barlow and Durand. Seventh Edition.

Para 1: Introduction; Introduce the topic (disorder) and your thesis,

Paragraph 2 : Evidence #1 (first barrier) Include a topic sentence that describes the barrier.;

At least three details that support your evidence.;

Transitional sentence (a sentence that connects this paragraph to the next)

You must write up to paragraph 4, using this style. while

Paragraph 5: Recommendations on how to overcome barriers (can be several paragraphs), Include a topic sentence that introduces your ideas about treatment recommendations.

Paragraph 6: Conclusion; Don’t restate what you already wrote. Leave the reader with something worthwhile to think about.

KEEP in mind****

Do not include cheesy quotes or cliches

Do not use contractions (e.g., don’t)

Cite your evidence mainly through paraphrasing and occasionally through quotes. Both must be cited. Quotes (author, year, and page number)